Can I exercise during pregnancy?

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Can I exercise after having a heart attack?

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that can be safely performed after a heart attack
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This is a common question for patients who have had heart attacks or ongoing heart problems.

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Can I exercise when I have a cold?

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It being winter in Australia, many people might be wondering if it is safe to exercise when you have a cold.



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Injury prevention: how to stay safe



As a GP, one of the most common things I see are injuries related to activity, most commonly back, shoulders, and knee injuries.


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How I exercise: A doctor’s guide to home workouts

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get fit at home
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I get this a lot from friends and family. How do I find the time to exercise? What’s my secret to exercising even when I’m time poor, feeling lazy and unmotivated?

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