Workout Resources

Welcome to my resources page. This is where I will list all of the online resources and equipment I use for my home workouts.

This page contains some eBay affiliate links to specific pieces of equipment that I like to use as part of my workouts.  I searched through eBay Australia for the best value equipment from reliable sellers that do not charge postage to Australian addresses. If you would prefer to buy a different product or search yourself, of course you are welcome to purchase your equipment elsewhere. If you do use the links to purchase equipment, I will receive a small amount of money from that purchase (I mean very small!), and it helps me to keep the site running. So if you love what I do, thanks for the support!

Note: I have no control over these eBay sellers and their products and therefore take no responsibility for the quality of the product or the quality of the seller. I have endeavoured to choose the best products to make things easier for you, but buying these from eBay is entirely at your own risk. Please see my disclaimer for further details.

Supplements, diet and evidence-based information:

For those who are curious about supplements, diets or food products purported to improve anything from cardiovascular health to fitness and memory, this is my go-to website for all evidenced-based information. is a website free from advertising or affiliates which gets together a bunch of researchers and scientists who scour available scientific studies and research and compiles together summaries of evidence for many health-related claims- for example, this summary on supplements for brain and cognitive health. They have a magazine subscription available that releases the latest studies every month and they also have several guides available for purchase on their recommendations for supplements for specific health needs (for example, joint health). It’s a great health resource!

My Equipment:

I would buy a set of dumbbells so you can increase the weight as you progress, or alternatively, go down a weight if you’re having an “easy day”.

Click here to buy individual dumbbells from eBay (1-3kg) from $14.20-18.50 Otherwise click here for a full set of 1-2-3kg dumbbells for $38.36. If you wanted heavier ones, you can find those here. I like these because they are neoprene, making them less likely to slip out of your hands or chafe.

These are great because they are so versatile- you can do both strength and cardio, so it’s good if you’re looking for something a little more low-impact. I would start with buying a set so you can switch between heavier ones and lighter ones depending on what exercise you’re doing.

Click here to buy a really great value set of 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, and 8kg kettlebells for $44.95. That seller also has a variety of other combinations if you’re already familiar with kettlebells. If you would like to buy individual heavier kettlebells (6kg to a whopping 24kg!) click here.

Weighted Skipping rope
You can either get a speed skipping rope or a weighted skipping rope, but I like the weighted one because it gives you a strength workout as well.

Click here to buy a great weighted skipping rope with 125g in each handle for $14.90.

TRX-like Suspension Trainer
I love using the Suspension Trainer in conjunction with cardio exercises to mix things up a bit. You can really do some killer strength exercises with this. Click here to buy one that is very similar to my own for $22.85.

Resistance band
If you get nothing else, I highly recommend getting a resistance band. They are cheap, affordable, and you can do so many exercises with them. I love my resistance band and take it everywhere. You could buy several resistance sizes or start with the lowest and see how you go. The wider the band, the larger the resistance, the harder it is!

Click here to buy resistance bands. You can choose different resistance sizes and either long or short. I would recommend a long band, in either Long Tiffany Blue or Long Pink to begin with. Best of all, they are less than $10!

List of Workout Exercises:
Now that you have your equipment, you need to learn how to use it!
These are websites with a list of common workout exercises with detailed instructions on how to perform them correctly. These exercises can be mix and matched in the HIIT format to create your own workouts. Often the workouts I post will consist of exercises from these lists or else I will create my own moves.





Resistance band
Note: these exercises are for a specific type of resistant band with handles. I don’t use that one, but if you would like to use it, you can buy that here.


Youtube workouts:

Where my fitness journey began, these are a series of videos by super-hot, super-trim UK personal trainers. They can be quite intense sometimes (both the trainers and the workouts), so maybe only use these videos when you’re a little more advanced.

Millionaire Hoy
My favourite YouTuber. His videos are easy to follow, there are lots of them to check out, he does series, and also he’s just a fun trainer to follow! Plus he has a variety of workouts that incorporate all my favourite equipment- kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping rope. He even has low-impact workouts for the days your knees just can’t take it. The main downside is some of his workouts are just too long, but including them in your rotation of workouts can add some variety. 

One of the larger YouTube resources, they have ‘80s style aerobics trainers, which is good if you like blonde, smiley, cheerful personal trainers. I prefer my trainers to share in my pain. But they do have a good variety of videos and a lot of beginner videos, so a good place to start.

I think I’ve done one workout here a long time ago, but, like Befit, they have a lot of workouts, and are very female friendly.

Keaira Leshae
I discovered her dance workouts when I was feeling a little bored. Good fun, and I love the R’N’B and hip hop music.

Fitness Marshall
My mother is a fan of these videos. The Fitness Marshall is a young guy who leads dance workouts to popular songs. Not quite intense enough for me, but if it goes to show, if a 60+ woman can follow these, anyone can!

I’m a fan of their kettlebell workout which does not seem to get easier no matter how many times I do it. They have a modified version as well for people just starting out with the kettlebell.

Fitness Blender
This is a link to their actual website rather than their YouTube site but that’s even better because there are no ads! They’ve got this great filter function to search their workouts according to Time, Calorie Burn, Difficulty, Trainer, Body Focus, and Equipment. So you can customize according to your needs, and once again, you get to do a variety of workouts.

I am a fan of this ballet workout, which was created by a figure skater. You wouldn’t think such a gentle exercise could be tiring, but seriously after the 8th arm circle, your arms are screaming! I also like this one, which is a little more intense. These are great for toning, flexibility, core and for developing kinaesthetic awareness.

I really like Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1 and Level 2, because they employ Vinyasa yoga which involves a bit more movement, making it more cardio intensive. They used to be available on YouTube but got taken down for copyright issues. So you can buy a DVD with both workouts from eBay here for $30.99. Note this is for DVD Region 4. Otherwise there are plenty of other yoga videos you can try from YouTube, such as this one .