The skinny on skin cancer

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Skin cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Australia. In fact, we diagnose and treat so many skin cancers that the non-melanoma skin cancers are not even included in the Australian Cancer Database, so we aren’t even exactly sure of the true prevalence.

Even though Summer is over, skin cancer can develop at any time. Read on for the “skinny” on skin cancer.

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I’m always tired, Doc

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“I’m always tired, Doc.”
Well, join the club, I’m always tempted to say. It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without at least one poor patient slumping down in their chair and telling me about their permanent fatigue.

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Antibiotics: friend or foe?

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Spring is a strange time, isn’t it? One day it’s 30 degrees and we’re grabbing our summer clothes and getting ready for beach days, the next it’s plunged to 18 degrees and the jumpers are back on. With this temperamental weather, as well as the advent of hayfever symptoms, I’ve been seeing a lot of coughs and colds lately. So I thought I’d write a little about antibiotics.

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Chronic Pain: What can we do about it?

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Last week, I wrote about the definition of pain, and some of the physiology behind it.

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My Health Record: is it safe?

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There has been a lot of furor in the media over the past few weeks over the security of My Health Record, which is an initiative by the government to keep all of your medical records and details in a central database, linked to your Medicare number. Continue reading “My Health Record: is it safe?”