Low Carb Living: some FAQs

As we know from my previous post, I am a fan of low carb diets for weight loss and improved health outcomes, albeit in specific groups of people. I thought I’d write a little today about some of the FAQs I get about low carb living. Continue reading “Low Carb Living: some FAQs”

Coffee: how much is too much?

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Coffee. The national beverage of Australia (arguably competing for that title with beer), we pride ourselves on having a coffee palate like no other country (I’m looking at you, Starbucks-swigging United States). But how many is too many? Are there any health benefits to our daily pick-me-up? Continue reading “Coffee: how much is too much?”

Let’s talk Low Carb

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I think it’s about time I wrote a post about one of my favourite topics: diet. Or more specifically, the Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) or the ketogenic diet.

Continue reading “Let’s talk Low Carb”

Vitamin supplements, do I need them?

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Vitamin supplements. Are they necessary for good health? Will they help you to feel better, make your immune stronger, make your hair shinier and all those other good things they promise on the bottle?

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